Hands-Free AR Interaction Remote Medical Assistance Providing Clinicians with Real-time Access to Expert Advice Through Smart Glasses' AR Show me how it works Safe, Simple, Mobile Secure Telepresence Interaction Smart Glasses Technology paired with a state-of-the-art AR app show me how it works Totally Remote,
Totally Hands-Free,
and Totally Secure
ISO 27001
Compliant Cloud Solution
Securely collaborate with peers from anywhere show me how it works
One Technology, Multiple
Clinical Use Cases
Efficient Multi-tasking across
the entire healthcare spectrum
Remote Medical Assistance, Clinical Education, Technical Support show me how it works

What is TeleVU Suite?

Virtual Care using Augmented Reality and AI

TeleVU Suite consists of TeleVU iSee (web portal) and the Smart Glasses powered by TeleVU uSee app to enable remote medical assistance through audio/video communication, Augmented Reality (AR) & Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help clinicians, health organizations and most importantly, patients.

TeleVU iSee enables AR collaboration and control over smart glasses functionalities. With an intuitive interface, easy-to-use functionality, and secure connectivity, remote medical and technical assistance is made easy. This is Virtual Care at its best.


What are Smart Glasses?

IoT Smart Wearable AR Technology

Smart Glasses are wearable IoT devices with sufficient computing power to run independent apps and allow AR (Augmented Reality) interactions. The wearer can collect and stream audio/video information through the device’s camera and receive information through the AR screen while leaving both hands of the wearer free.

The AR information is superimposed on the transmissive display positioned above the dominant eye of the wearer. The user can glance at this screen as needed during medical interactions without being intrusive or blocking their vision.

TeleVU enables voice commands for totally hands-free interaction with the Smart Glasses. In addition, users can connect using Wi-Fi or cellular to make seamless video calls and transfer data.

Out technology improves the quality of patient care and helps medical caregivers work smarter, faster, and safer. It provides hands-on medical caregivers with glanceable, voice-activated assistance designed to be worn all day with its comfortable, lightweight profile.

Our Solutions

AR & AI Technology for every Clinical Settings

Who Benefits?

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Better Outcomes, Better Economics

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    Who We Are
    HealthTech Meets IT

    We are a group of Canadian healthcare technology, software and AI experts with over 35 years of collective experience focused on meaningful and clinically relevant truly virtual care software for peer-to-peer collaboration using AR interactions, clinical education, Remote Patient Monitoring and AI plugins to enhance care delivery.

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