Often complex surgical cases require peer support or medical industry personnel presence, however, with travel restrictions and crowd control measures in place, remote support is warranted.

Physical presence and availability of experts to consult during a case often leads to significant delay and in some cases cancellation of the procedure. With TeleVU, the surgical team can quickly find a peer to assist and guide them remotely.

From an OR scheduling perspective, there are fewer interruptions and from a patient care perspective, such timely consultation could result in significantly better outcomes.

Example: As part of a clinical trial, a complex electrophysiology case was scheduled from 8:00 -11:00 am. Considering the highly advanced technology used to treat the patient, an engineer from the MedTech company was scheduled to attend the case and provide support. The day before the case, the travelling rep tested positive for COVID-19 and therefore could not fly to attend the case. There were no other options to book another MedTech engineer and alternatively the case had to be cancelled and given the short notice that time slot would have been vacant.

Using TeleVU, the physician wore the smart glasses and the MedTech engineer was able to remotely attend the case and provide guidance using AR interactions. The case was successfully completed without any delays. After the case, the research nurse wearing smart glasses received guidance on how to prepare the research catheters for return and documentation of the case.

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