Novel medical procedures often require mentorship and training from clinical pioneers. Such medical experts then typically need to dedicate a significant amount of their time to travel to other cities, provinces or even countries where the mentee is located. As such, it often takes a long time to book such mentorship sessions, which in turn delays the delivery of novel healthcare to patients. Not to mention the time the mentor is away from their own practice to treat patients in need.

Using TeleVU, medical experts can now easily share the knowledge and proctor peers from the comfort of their own home practice. As a result, the mentor only spends a couple of hours of their time attending a procedure and in addition to having more time to treat patients, there are significant cost savings.

Example: A local hospital’s physician wanted to perform a novel vascular procedure involving Venoplasty and snaring wires. The mentee had never performed the procedure but was highly skilled and capable. The mentor (two hours of flight away) used TeleVU to guide and assist the mentee through the case using the AR functionalities. Three successful cases were performed in one day by the mentee under the guidance and remote assistance of the mentor. All the while, the mentor was able to complete his clinical duties in-between cases at his home hospital, which would have otherwise not been possible. So instead of a day and a half of travelling and bearing the cost, the mentor only spent 3 periods of 60-90 minutes supporting the case.

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