Medical residents and students have had limited access to the patient’s bedside during rounds and surgical procedures due to the recent pandemic. Using TeleVU, the lead physician can provide a point of vision (POV) view for remote learners to observe examinations and procedures remotely and actively participate by interacting with the lead physician wearing the glasses.

Example: Faculty surgeon performed a Laparoscopic small intestinal resection procedure using TeleVU and ScreenVU. Three residents were invited to observe the case remotely via TeleVU. The surgeon wore the TeleVU powered smart glasses to show a POV (point of vision) view of the surgical site to the residents. The surgeon also used ScreenVU to connect the laparoscopy monitor and broadcast it to the residents. All the while residents had a dual view of the smart glasses POV and the laparoscopic monitor on their device (laptop, tablet or smartphone). The residents all had the same great view during the case without having to peak over one another’s shoulder or risk contaminating the surgical field. They also had a direct communication line with the surgeon to ask their question and interact using AR features.

In addition to significant time savings and efficiencies, the risk of cross-contamination as a result of overcrowding the procedure room is significantly reduced.

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