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TeleVU Suite apps are based on the iSee what uSee concept!

Using the iSee app, a remote expert connects to the Smart Glasses loaded with the uSee app to enable remote control over its functionalities. The Smart Glasses video stream is then viewable on smartphones, tablets, or computers. The remote expert can then provide interactive support using AR (augmented reality) to the person wearing the smart glasses.

Our proprietary software creates a secure real-time audio-visual link via Smart Glasses between frontline health care providers & remote clinical experts worldwide!

Our telepresence solution provides a hands-free POV (Point Of View) experience utilizing AR (Augmented Reality), voice-activation and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to redefine access to specialized medical care, high-quality medical education and digital workflow management.

Our connected ecosystem improves access to care for the patient by eliminating geographical barriers to care and enables frontline care providers to deliver better care by being connected to remote specialists. It allows specialists to care for more patients without the need to travel.

Ultimately the burden on health system resources is reduced while improving quality and equity in care for patients and delivering care closer to home.

Key Features

Frontline users and remote experts can initiate a Live Call and Engage in Real-time. Remote experts can Capture data during the session and Share it back with the frontline user, utilizing AR enhancements.

The remote experts can Control the smart glasses’ functionality and send information back to the smart glasses for frontline users’ Access.

Our platform is Highly Secure, and our AI-Based plugins enhance our Privacy features and offer meaningful Analytics.

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