TeleVU TeleVU Suite Smart Glasses Technology paired with state of the art application Hands-Free, Simple, Safe & Secure Remote Patient Management Telemedicine TeleVU iSee & uSee Apps Smart Glasses Technology paired with state of the art application (Web based and Smartphone/Tablet) ISO 27001 & HIPAA Compliant Cloud Solution Remote Patient Management Healthcare Setting Remote Medical Assistance TeleVU Suite is usable across the entire healthcare organization spectrum For every healthcare setting Remote Patient Management Slide
Secure Remote Medical Assistance

Meet TeleVU Suite

TeleVU Suite consists of TeleVU iSee (the support portal app) and the Smart Glasses loaded with TeleVU uSee app to enable remote medical assistance through audio/video communication and augmented reality to help patients, caregivers, clinicians and health organizations.

TeleVU Suite apps enable remote control over smart glasses functionalities. With an intuitive interface, easy to use functionality, and secure connectivity remote medical and technical assistance is made easy.

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Smart Glasses are wearable IoT devices with sufficient computing power to run independent apps. They allow the wearer to collect and stream audio/video information through the device camera and receive information through the augmented reality screen while leaving both hands of the wearer free.

The AR information is superimposed on the transmissive display visible to one eye, i.e. monocular Smart Glasses. Binocular Smart Glasses have two transmissive displays.

Smart Glasses utilize a touchpad as well as voice commands for user interactions. Given their Wi-Fi capabilities, data transfer, and cloud storage are seamless.

GLASS® Enterprise Edition 2 is a wearable smart device paired with our app to help improve the quality of patient care and help medical caregivers work smarter, faster, and safer. It provides hands-on medical caregivers with glanceable, voice-activated assistance that is designed to be worn all day with its comfortable, lightweight profile.

Better Outcomes, Better Economics

Use Cases

We can help your organization implement our existing clinical use cases or work with your team to customize solutions to meet your needs.

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    Long-stay beds for frail patients
    Cost to Healthcare System
    Number of Strokes in Canada
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    Leading Cause of Death in Canada
    Total Physicians in Canada
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