octobre 8, 2020

Fonctionnalités des lunettes intelligentes pour une utilisation en télémédecine

Some of the key features of Smart Glasses for application in medicine is as follows:

  • Wearable
    • Both hands free
    • Use in sterile/clean field (head-mounted)
    • Non bulky
    • Field of vision focus
    • Freedom of movement
  • See through AR screen
    • Non-obtrusive view of patient
    • Non-obtrusive to patient/clinician interaction
    • Improves concentration on task
    • Supports multi-tasking
    • Spatial awareness
  • Ease of operation
    • Direct field of vision (as opposed to hand-held device)
    • Easy of learn
    • Familiar operating system
  • Seamless digital documentation
    • Audio dictation
    • Video/Photo filing
  • Interactions
    • More time and devotion to patient
      • Less time spent looking at smartphone/computer