octobre 20, 2020

AR en télémédecine

The telemedicine concept first appeared on Radio News magazine as a vision in 1924. It was called “Radio Doctor” and linked a patient to the doctor by sound and live picture.

This is essentially what is done today! We use modern technology tools such as phones, video conferencing and now AR/VR to interact with the patients and deliver care.

TeleVU iC Suite is the most recent iteration of such technology. It uses a state-of-art secure application and smart glasses to interact with the patient in a truly hands-free way. Keywords being hands (plural), meaning both hands are free to perform medical care. App-based only solutions require the user the hold the smartphone/tablet with one or both hands, so at best, the user has one hand free. Imagine examining the patient with one hand or even more challenging to change the patient’s dressing or to perform any simple hands-on medical task.

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