TeleVU Software Suite

Intuitive interface, easy to use functionality and secure connectivity


TeleVU Suite apps are based on the iSee what uSee concept!

Using the iSee app, a remote expert connects to the Smart Glasses loaded with uSee app to enable remote control over its functionalities. The Smart Glasses video stream is then viewable on smartphones, tablets, or computers. The remote expert can then provide interactive support using AR (augmented reality) to the person wearing the smart glasses.

Intuitive interface, easy to use functionality and highly secure connectivity are key features of this app.

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App Features
iSee (Remote Expert) & uSee (Smart Glasses)

In addition to establishing a secure audio/video communication channel,

secure web chat, secure web conferencing, and recording functionality the remote expert can;

Capture, Share, Control, Edit, Playback & Send

images, documents, videos, screens, cameras, and any other relevant information to the smart glasses user.

All this from within the app with built-in features.

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